Fishing in Panama

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With over 2,490 kilometers (1,494 miles) of coastline and what was once the largest man made lake in the world (Lago Gatun has an area of 164 square miles and a capacity of 183 Billion cubic feet of water), there is no shortage of world class angling in Panama.

From giant marlin to the incredibly aggressive freshwater Peacock Bass (Sargento), you will have the time of your life fishing here. Fly fishing, bait fishing and trolling are all acceptable methods in one of the most abundant and least exploited fisheries in the world. The world's top professional anglers consider Panama to be the Holy Grail of big game fishing.

Last week we went to Gatun Lake and in a few short hours caught over 130 Peacock Bass between three of us. They hit live bait and surface poppers with an aggression i had never before experienced. Our guide was catching twice as much using a hand line as i was with either a fly rod or a spinning reel. He kept telling me to get my line off the surface and go deep, but i just couldn't get enough of the amazing site, sound and feel of the bass slamming that popper like a freight train hitting a fast moving super hero. And, they don't stop fighting...   EVER!


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