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Mountain Biking Panama

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Panama is a long, narrow country with an ocean on either side and a mountain range running down the middle.

The country is riddled with thousands of miles of single track trails that have been used by the Panamanians for centuries to travel from village to village or across the Republic. You may be able to explore every corner of the country by mountain bike in a lifetime, but i doubt it.

If you have your own bike with you, that's great. But if you don't that is definitely not an obstacle. Good bikes are available for rent here in Panama.

Mountain biking is a very popular sport with a small but constantly growing contingency of the Panamanian population, and it is never difficult to find someone to take a ride with. Our mountain bike guides are involved in a variety of organizations and participate in numerous mountain biking events and races throughout the country. When they are not working they are out exploring, finding new trails.

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