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With over 2,490 kilometers (1,494 miles) of coastline, you can be sure to find some fabulous beaches here in Panama.

There are beaches of white sand and beaches with black sand. Some have great waves and some are completely calm. Some drop off steeply into the water, while at others you have to walk out half a kilometer just to get waist deep. Some are public and you will spend the day with many new friends. Others are completely private and you will have the whole place to yourself.

There are a variety of activity options available, depending upon where you are. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are best in the Pearl Islands, Isla Coihba, and in the blue green waters of the Caribean Sea. Panama has world class surfing, with international competitions being held at several sites in both the Pacific and Caribbean. And of course fishing. Panama is world renowned for its incredible big game fishing, with world record marlin, dorado, tuna and many other fish.  You can check out our fishing tours for fresh or saltwater options! There are over 1,000 islands between the Pacific and Caribean, with beaches, mangroves, reefs, and small secluded bays where you can enjoy complete privacy with the sensation of being ship wrecked on a deserted island. There is also sea kayaking, including kayak touring and surf kayaking. These are just some of the possibilities. And the water is ALWAYS warm, rain or shine, summer or winter.

Much of the coast is mangroves rather than beaches, and they are vigorously protected, as they should be. Mangroves are the nesting sites of huge quantities of sea life and without this resource, the abundance of fish that is a huge part of Panama's natural resources would decrease or be eliminated altogether. Mangrove tours are available by boat, kayak, and a variety of other means, and is a great way to experience the biodiversity of fish, birds, insects, reptiles, etc., that is supported by this essential ecosystem.

Although technically here in Panama no one can own a beach and no one can prevent you from accessing any beach you want (except in the Kuna Yala territory of San Blas where you have to pay the Kuna a fee), Adventure Tours Panama has access to several such "private" beaches where we can take you by boat for a few hours, a day, or... well, not forever! But, at least for a night or two of primitive camping.


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