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With the incredible flora and fauna, and environments varying from high volcanic mountains over 11,000 feet high to dense lowland jungles with trees as big around as an SUV, exploring the jungles of Panama is exceptional.

Panama is a long, narrow country with an ocean on either side and a mountain range running down the middle. Once almost completely covered by jungle, centuries of farming and grazing livestock has had an impact. But the tracts of land that have been protected, by the government, international organizations and some very philanthropic Panamanians are vast, and environmental conservation efforts are increasing all the time, protecting more and more of this incredible ecological resource. Panama's jungles hold many secrets that we are just beginning to discover. You can't find this type of experience, in such a safe and accessible location, anywhere else in the world.  We have several different jungle tour options from easy to advanced!

The country is riddled with thousands of miles of single-track trails, many of them within the many national parks located throughout Panama, that have been used by the Panamanians for centuries to travel from village to village, or across the Republic.

There is no better way to experience Panama's incredible diversity than first hand by hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. If you have a specific interest, with advance notice Adventure Tours Panama can provide you with a guide specializing in birds, plants, insects and even specific species, such as orchids. 

Adventure Tours Panama is currently participating in an all-volunteer program to develop the Sendero TransPanama, or Trans-Panama Trail, which will extend from the Panama - Costa Rica border, to the Darien Jungle and the border with Colombia. The trails already exist. Our goal is to hike, explore, and map all of the trails using GPS, and then place all the information on the website with free access. Upon completion, the quality of the notes, maps, photographs and directions will be such that anyone will be able to hike the trail with nothing more than our downloadable, free trail notes. The use of compass or GPS will be strictly optional. The trail will take you through mountains, beaches, villages and cities, and will cross rivers, bypass lakes, and give the users the opportunity to explore every environment that Panama has to offer.

If you enjoy jungle hiking, you may also enjoy our indigenous culture tours, some of which include hikes with indigenous guides through their jungles. 





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