Panama City

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Panama City is a booming, bustling metropolis that is exploding with growth. It is the banking center of the Americas. It is the connecting point from North America to South,

with the Bridge of the Americas, and from the east to the west as the gateway to the Panama Canal.

Panama City is a cultural melting pot, a center of immigration for Asians, Europeans, and Latinos, and as such is an incredibly diverse culinary treat. Chinese, Japanese, Argentinian, Cuban, French, Lebanese, Israeli and Italian are just a few of the palates represented in the many excellent restaurants that this small city of a little over 1.3 million people has to offer. There are numerous cafes, bars, and night clubs as well. 

Most intriguing for many is the rich history. Visitors come to explore Old Panama, the original city that was destroyed in a raid by the pirate Sir Henry Morgan, or the Panama Canal, an incredible project that took over 30 years and an estimated 30,000 lives to complete. Many enjoy the opportunity to learn about the incredibly controversial U.S. invasion to oust Manuel Antonio Noriega from the people who experienced it first hand.

The old city, Casco Viejo, is a wonderful place to dine, stroll and enjoy the incredible mixture of French and Spanish architecture. It is a journey back in time.

And of course enjoy some of the best shopping malls in the Americas.

So be prepared, because when you fly into Panama City, you won't believe your eyes. If you glance out the window at the city, you will panic, briefly, thinking that you accidentally boarded a flight to New York or Miami. There are 60 sky cranes out there cranking up new buildings, just trying to keep up with the demand from international buyers. They are extending the toll roads that pass on the north and south sides of the city so that they connect in one big peripheral loop, which will include putting six new lanes right in front of the Bay of Panama, and they are building a 21 hectare (50 acre) park right along the water that will contain 10 kilometers of bicycle and walking paths, 2,000 parking spaces, and 6 pedestrian tunnels with handicap access.

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