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Q: What should I bring on my tour?

A: What to bring varies from tour to tour. Please see the page of your tour for specific info. However,

you should generally bring a camera, sunblock, a hat, a small towel and a change of clothes, some cash, your identification (Passport Copy and Tourist Visa that was purchased at airport for $5), a Ziploc bag for your valuables, a small backpack to carry your personal items and water (We will provide water, softdrinks and snacks). Some form of hydration pack is best. Also bring any medical items you need such as asthma inhalers, epi-pens for allergies, etc. Please advise us when booking your trip if you have any medical conditions that we should know about such as allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. These conditions will not exclude you from participating in our tours. We want to know so that in the case of an emergency we can respond appropriately.

Q. What should I bring on Jungle Hiking Adventures:

A. * Hats
    * Sun block
    * Hiking boots or at the very least tennis shoes
    * Long Pants
    * Camera
    * Bathing Suit
    * Water Shoes or Hiking Sandals (On some of the trails we may have to hike up or down streams and if you don’t want to hike with wet shoes and socks, a sandal such as Keens or Tevas are excellent. Please do not use Crocs to hike up the rivers).
    * Money for Crafts
    * Backpack for water and personal affects

Q: How do I know if I am choosing the right trip for me?

A: To assist you in choosing the right adventure for you, we have evaluated and graded our tours. We have separated them into four levels: easy, moderate, challenging and strenuous. Taken into account during the evaluation process is terrain, distances covered, weather conditions and psychological factors, among other things.

    * Easy: Suitable for most people in good health. These trips generally include short days on good paths and at low altitudes.
    * Moderate: A reasonable level of fitness is required, as these trips can require sustained endurance levels, hills, longer days and altitude.
    * Difficult: These trips are physically demanding and best suited for strong people with a high endurance level. Days can be long and you may need to carry some gear 
    * Expert Only: 8+ Hours most days. Travellers booking strenuous trips can expect long days of physical activity, remote regions, steep ascents and descents, high altitudes and wet, muddy conditions. Good physical condition and endurance level is necessary.

Q: How should I dress?

A: Dress in light weight sportswear with sport shoes or sandals like Keens. Footwear will vary based on your tour. Always expect to get wet.

Q: If I have any medical conditions, should I notify Adventure Tours Panama?

A: Yes! Please advise us when booking your trip if you have any medical conditions that we should know about such as asthma, allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. These conditions will not exclude you from participating in our tours. We want to know so that in the case of an emergency we can respond appropriately (checking your pockets for loose change before feeding you to the crocodiles). ALSO, please notify your guide at the beginning of the trip and be sure to familiarize him/her with any emergency medicines or procedures that may be necessary in case of emergency. Doing so will assure that you will go home happy AND healthy!

Q: What is provided by Adventure Tours Panama?

A: Private transportation, bilingual guides, drinks, snacks and lunch, all park entry fees, tolls, guides, tickets, etc, unless otherwise stated. We also provide all mountain bikes, kayaks, rafts, and skis.

Q: Do I need to bring drinks and snacks?

A: Unless otherwise stated, we will provide water, soft drinks, snacks, and a lunch. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance, but you should probably bring some appropriate snacks.

Q: How big are the groups?

A: That is up to you. Adventure Tours Panama does both Private and group Tours. But whether you book for a group of 4 or 40 is up to you?

Q: How is the food on the trips?

A: Depending on the tour, we either have cooked meals such as barbecues, picnic style lunches with sandwiches, snacks, fruits, and juice, or we take our guests to restaurants offering all kinds of meal options for you to choose. Restaurant meals are not included in the price of a tour unless otherwise stated in advance. Vegetarian and other special diets can be arranged upon request.

Q: How will we be traveling within Panama?

A: We use well maintained, air-conditioned vehicles.

Q: Who are the guides?

A: All our trips include friendly, bilingual, well educated and experienced guides, experts in leading safe and informative trips.

Q:  Who are your clients?

A: Our clients are active adventurers from all over the world, representing all kinds of interests and professions, who are seeking new, exciting experiences and who desire to learn about and experience other cultures.

Q: Why should I travel with Adventure Tours Panama?

A: There are many reasons to travel with us: Private tours customized to your needs and desires; Flexibility; Highly trained and experienced guides; International experience in outdoor adventure activities; Gain knowledge and skills with regards to adventure activities and the outdoors; Our focus on multicultural learning experiences. Our love of nature and the outdoors and our desire to share that with you - We are passionate about what we do and about guiding you in a memorable, wonderful experience that you will treasure for years to come.

Q: What kind of physical condition do I need to be in for your tours?

A: Adventure Tours Panama’s focus is adventure travel. You do not need to be a triathalete to participate, but the better shape you are in, the more you will be able to do. The key is to pick the right trip and know your limits. If you are not sure, contact us and we will talk with you and design a trip that is appropriate for you. That is the beauty and nature of Private, Customized tours.

Q: Can we Travel with our Children?

A: Although most of our trips have adults in mind, many of our itineraries are suitable for strong and active teenagers. If you are interested in a family adventure and are unsure as to whether the tours on this site are suitable for you or your family members, please see contact us for more information or to design a trip specifically for your family. That is the beauty and nature of Private, Customized tours. We will custom design an itinerary that will include even younger children. Plus, many times the places we will go will have younger local children in attendance, and this can be the best, most rewarding exchange for young children.


Q. What is Included?

A. All mentioned transportation, rafts/kayaks and gear, guides, drinks and lunch. Our guides are trained in white-water navigation skills, first-aid, and CPR.

Q. What Should I Bring?

A. Bring a swimsuit or a pair of shorts for the river, sneakers or strapped sandals with good soles, such as Keens or Tevas, a baseball cap or hat, and sun lotion, and a set of dry clothes to change for the return trip.

Q. What Should I NOT Bring?

A. Any object that could be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc. Also, don't bring your very pregnant wife (yes, it has happened).

Q. What does class III mean? What does the classification system signify?

A.  Class I: Easy.     Waves small; passages clear; no serious obstacles.
    Class II: Medium.     Rapids of moderate difficulty with passages clear. Requires experience plus suitable outfit and boat.
    Class III: Difficult.     Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering; scouting usually needed. Requires good operator and boat.
    Class IV: Very difficult.     Long rapids; waves high, irregular; dangerous rocks; boiling eddies; best passages difficult to scout; scouting mandatory first time; powerful and precise maneuvering required. Demands expert boatman and excellent boat and good quality equipment.
    Class V: Extremely difficult.     Exceedingly difficult, long and violent rapids, following each other almost without interruption; riverbed extremely obstructed; big drops; violent current; very steep gradient; close study essential but often difficult. Requires best person, boat, and outfit suited to the situation. All possible precautions must be taken.
    Class VI (or U)     Unrunnable.

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