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3 to 5 day Wounaan Indigenous Adventure

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Come join us on a multi-day camping and hiking trip in the jungle territory of the Wounaan Indigenous peoples in the eastern part of Panama Province.


Difficulty:Moderate, due to hikes and a long
Duration:Drive - 1 hour; Boat ride - 3 hours; Total trip duration - 3+ days
Included: Snacks,drinks, water, 3 meals per day, transportation, park fees
Price:$100 per person per day, minimum 3 people




We will depart Panama City early in the morning, heading east on the Pan-American Higway one hour to the town of Chepo. From Chepo we will be picked up on the Bayano river by a member of the Rio Hondo community, and will proceed down river to the Gulf of Panama. Along the way we will see abundant bird and animal life, including Osprey (fish eagles), Heron, Pelicans, storks, Kingfishers, Toucans and dozens of other bird species, as well as crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks. After 30 minutes going down river we reach the open sea and head east along the coast for about 90 minutes until reaching the mouth of the Rio Hondo (Hondo River). Here amongst the giant mangroves our Wounaan guide will navigate the confusing mix of tributaries and mangrove islands until we finally arrive at the village of Rio Hondo. Lodging is primitive but pleasant.

Excellent meals will be prepared by your main guide from a mixture of local fish, meat and vegetables, along with herbs, spices, and other ingredients that we will bring in with us.

Our days in Rio Hondo will be spent hiking in the jungle on traditional trails, viewing and learning about all manner of birds, edible and medicinal plants, insects and other wildlife. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable, but if you want a really detailed, in depth focus on a particular subject or subjects, we can provide very specialized guides in whatever subject interests you. Just let us know in advance so we can arrange everything. The afternoons will be spent swimming in the beautiful, refreshing Hondo River, spending time with the Wounaan of the village and learning about their culture, artisanship, and way of life. Be careful, because many children have been named after previous visitors to the village. Lets hope it is just out of respect rather than to follow a line of patrimony.


    * Towelie
    * bug spray
    * sun block
    * Hats
    * long pants and long sleeve shirts for the hikes
    * medicines
    * swim suit
    * jungle boots
    * good sandals
    * various pairs of socks and clothing to stay dry
    * Your Sense of Adventure




  • USA Tel: (310) 341-2511
  • Panama Tel: (507) 6496-1833
  • Email: info@adventuretourspanama.com
    Skype ID: MaxMapache (please include details in contact request)