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Embera Indigenous Village Overnight

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Visit the Embera Indians living in the Rio Chagres National Park and enjoy the unique opportunity of spending a night in their village.


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Until 8am
Included: Dinner, breakfast, drinks
Price: $70/person when combined with any Embera tour, min. 2 people




We will stay in a native style rancho, identical to but larger than the ones the Embera live in themselves. These ranchos are well suited to the climate. They are built off of the ground from four to ten feet on stilts or posts of local wood, usually about 6 – 10 inches in diameter. The floors are commonly made from split jira, the flexible outer bark of a local palm tree. The roof is made up of palm fronds. For cooking there is a wooden frame packed with dirt, on top of which are placed three big logs that form a triangle to support the pots over the fire. You can sleep out in the rancho on a camping pad or put up a tent if you prefer.

What to bring on the overnight. The following is a list of items to bring on the overnight. If you do not have them with you, please contact me and we will make arrangements.
•    Bed Sheet
•    Pillow
•    Camp Pad
•    Camera
•    Toothbrush
•    Hammock
•    Flashlight
•    Bug repellent

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