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Hikes With Embera Guides

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All hikes with Embera Indigenous Guides take place in the Rio Chagres National Park with guides from the Embera Tribe of the Village of Tusipono.

All of the trips in Rio Chagres National Park will depart from Panama City for the port of El Corotu on Lago Alajuela at the mouth of the Chagres River in Rio Chagres National Park. There we will be picked up in hand made dug out cayucas (canoes), by our Embera guides. This is where our adventure begins.

Throughout our hike, our knowledgeable Embera guides will identify and explain a variety of medicinal and edible plant species. We will see wild animals which may include  monkeys, two and three toed sloth, deer, armadillo, etc., as well as insects such as the Blue Morpho butterfly, and a large variety of birds including hawks, eagles, herons, toucans and more.

At the conclusion of each hiking adventure we will proceed to the village of Embera Tusipono where the Embera people still will welcome us into their traditional setting to have a traditional Embera meal of fish and patacones (fried plantains), all caught and collected in the jungle and rivers of the Chagres National Park. They will explain to us in detail about their culture, history, and handicrafts, and you will have an opportunity to purchase handicrafts directly from the artists, supporting them and their traditional way of life. This is a true Embera village, where they live much as they have for more than a thousand years and where they focus strongly on preserving and passing on their culture, the environment that sustains them, and their way of life to future generations.

While most of the trips are described and priced as day trips, it is possible to extend your journey by spending a night in the village in a traditional style dwelling. For details see below under Rio Chagres Overnights.

 All hike durations stated below are estimates and will vary depending on you and your group. Prices include a boat to take us to the trailhead and pick us up at the end of the day, including gas, boat, captain, etc.


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