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Freshwater Fishing

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Freswater fishing in Panama is amazing. Come with us on a fishing trip to catch the incredibly aggressive Peacock Bass or the giant Tarpon. We cater to fly-fisherman, as well as those using live bait, spinners and poppers. We have only one goal - for everyone to have a great day.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Fishing - 4 to 5 hours; Total trip - 6 to 8 hours
Included: Snacks, lunch, fruit, drinks, bait and all equipment
Price: $325 for 1 to 3 people




The Peacock Bass are great fun to fish on a fly rod. We recommend a 5 weight and up rod with a floating weight forward line and a 8 to 20 pound tippet. The key to success on Peacock Bass is multiple casts and double stripping the line with erratic jerks so your poppers really seem erratic. The best flies are big flashy poppers, as well as small streamers, insect imitations, bait fish deceivers on 1/0 or smaller hooks, clousers, sea duecers, shrimp patterns and whistlers. The best colors are blue/gold, red/white, and black/yellow, and with silver or gold flash.

Our day will start early. we will pick you up at your hotel between 4 and 5 AM, so make sure you are up early and have had some breakfast. From there we will take you to the shores of Gatun Lake, either along the Chagres River near the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve, or out to Arenosa, a beautiful, little visited area on the west side of Lake Gatun. Either way, the fishing is great.  This artificial lake was created to supply water to the Panama Canal. At the time of its formation in 1914 it was the largeste artificial lake in the world. Now it's not even in the top 20.

Our guide will be waiting with bait and equipment for those of you who need it, and off we will go.

Trips will include snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Beers can be provided upon request. Lunch will be at a local restaurant where we can have them cook up your catch.

What to bring:

    * Sun Block
    * Hats
    * Camera
    * Long Sleeve Shirt
    * Long Pants
    * Any of your fishing gear
    * Medical essentials if you have special needs
    * sandals or water shoes if you have them
    * a Smile!!


  • USA Tel: (310) 341-2511
  • Panama Tel: (507) 6496-1833
  • Email: info@adventuretourspanama.com
    Skype ID: MaxMapache (please include details in contact request)